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Hear Well at School: Another Year, Let’s Go!

*Ear & Hearing Check*

Reviewed by Paula Cunha, Clinical Audiologist at Beyond Hearing

As we dive into the new year, the pace is already in full swing, with a myriad of planning and logistics ahead: schedules, uniforms, materials, activities, meals, drop-offs, pickups, play dates, birthdays, holidays, and the list goes on. After all, we all want to set up our children and families to succeed and get the most out of their education.

Effective communication is crucial for students to fully engage and develop essential skills during their foundational years of school. Hearing well is paramount, ensuring active participation in dynamic classrooms. Beyond the teacher’s voice, hearing encompasses interactions with classmates, multimedia devices, and grasping information from a distance. Auditory learning goes beyond mere lecture-style teaching.

Children who experience hearing loss, even if it is a mild hearing loss, can result in delayed speech, language, learning, and social skills. Growing evidence shows that hearing well can positively impact social-emotional, cognitive and physical well-being (1)

Regular hearing checks, conducted by audiologists (od-ee-OL-uh-jist) , are essential. The type of test they do depends on a child's age, developmental stage, ability to collaborate or follow instructions, and health. In Australia, newborns undergo a hearing screening before leaving the hospital, underlining the importance of early detection.

Ensuring your child's ears and hearing are regularly checked empowers them to thrive academically, aligns their development with peers, and mitigates the risks of speech and language delays, learning difficulties, and behavioural challenges.(3)

At Beyond Hearing we provide clinical and cost-effective ‘Ear & Hearing check’ service for $66, taking approximately 20 minutes. This session includes a consultation, visual inspection of the ears with video otoscopy, middle ear analyser, and pure tone audiometry for crucial sounds important to language and speech development. We clinically review the findings and provide you with recommendations.*

Additionally, we offer Ear Wax Removal (microsuction), Complete Hearing Evaluation, Hearing Devices, Hearing Solutions and Custom Ear Plugs, for children from 4 years old to adults.

For any concerns about your child's hearing, consult their doctor, a hearing specialist, a speech pathologist, or their teacher for guidance. Acting early, recognizing the importance of hearing well, and scheduling a hearing test contribute significantly to their educational journey.

Wishing you all a Happy 2024!


(1) Vercammen, C., Ferguson, M., Kramer, S.E., Meis, M., Singh, G., Timmer, B., Gagné, J.-P., Goy., H., Hickson, L., Holube, I., Launer, S., Lemke, U., Naylor, G., Picou, E., Scherpiet, S., Weinstein, B., & Pelosi, A. (2020). Well-Hearing is Well-Being: A Phonak Position Statement. Hearing Review, 27, 18- 22

*While a medical report and Medicare rebate are not available for this service, we offer the Hearing Evaluation service for those requiring them. All medical referrals are welcome.

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